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A note to my wonderful customers: 

After 13 years serving you and your pets, I've decided to scale back Bungalow Bob's Pet Designs to concentrate on other opportunities.  I will continue to craft pieces in my spare time, so if you're interested in a handcrafted piece for your pet, please contact me for lead time.  It's been such a pleasure growing this business, meeting you and learning about your love of the Arts & Craft movement and your pets!


See the Special Order page for examples

of other dining stations


Mission Tile Dining Station

 Mission Tile Dining Station


As seen on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition


 Click for additional pictures of the available sizes


Now you can enjoy a bit of art in the Mission Dining Stations featuring a 3 x 3  or 4 x 4 (depending on the size) Motawi tile with velvety matte glazes in rich colors.  Available in several sizes, the elevated Mission Tile Dining Station offers proven benefits for your pet in a style that complements your Arts & Crafts decor and coordinates with the Mission Hammock, Bed, and Toy Chest. 

The handcrafted tile is tastefully centered in the quartersawn white oak backsplash which also features a traditional method of joinery , pinned through-tenons. The base of the dining station is assembled with plates and includes an authentic through-tenon visible in the front and back.  This coupled with the satin polyurethane finish and 18/8 stainless steel bowls result in a remarkably strong and durable dining station that will withstand years of use by your pet.



Dard Hunter Rose (3x3 or 4x4)

Relief Tile


  Green Oak Dark Oak Green (pictured) Dark Ocean Dog (Forest) Cat (Forest) Fish  
  Size Dimensions Bowl Price


16” wide x 7¾” deep x 9½” tall

with 3x3 Motawi Tile

- bowl height 4"

½ qt $299.00

16” wide x 7¾” deep x 13½” tall  

 with 3x3 Motawi Tile

- bowl height 8"

1 qt $309.00

20½” wide x 10” deep x 17½” tall with 3x3 Motawi Tile

- bowl height 12"

2 qt $339.00

23½” wide x 11½” deep x 24" tall with 4x4 Motawi Tile

- bowl height 16"

3 qt $379.00

25½” wide x 12½” deep x 28” tall with 4x4 Motawi Tile

- bowl height 20"

5 qt $439.00





 Why an elevated dining station?

Veterinarians recommend elevated feeders for dogs and cats because they offer

a number of benefits:

  1. Hygiene and cleanlinessElevated bowls help keep food and water in the bowl and not on the floor.  With a normal pet dish, as dogs raise their heads to facilitate swallowing, water and food often ends up on the floor.  In addition, moisture under a traditional food dish can foster mold and bacteria growth.

  2. HealthElevated feeding stations help reduce intestinal gas in dogs by removing the need to bend over when eating.  Eating in a bent over position forces dogs to gulp their food and swallow more air in the process.  Higher food dishes result in less gulping and reduced intestinal gas.  In addition, elevated food bowls are more comfortable for pets with arthritis, sore joints, or neck/back problems.  If eating is painful or uncomfortable, pets are less likely to eat.  Raising food and water to a comfortable level encourages eating and drinking thereby promoting proper nutrition.

  3. ComfortPet owners also benefit by not having to bend over as far to fill water and food dishes. For the frail, physically handicapped, or people with arthritis or back problems, elevated feeders can make a big difference.


ATTENTION:  All product designs are copyrighted by Bungalow Bob’s Pet Designs, LLC. 

                     Each handcrafted piece includes a discrete brass tag to ensure its authenticity.



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